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Products Offered

Products Offered

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Committed to Quality.  Committed to Your Success.

Committed to Quality. Committed to Your Success.

Working with the best factories for seamless service and quality you can trust. Our manufacturing partners are ISO, QS, or TS certified.

Secondary Services

⚙ Special Plating ⚙ Nylon Patches ⚙ Drilling

Packaging Services Offered:

⚙ Polybagging ⚙ Kitting ⚙ Specific Box Sizes ⚙ Labeling


Depending on your requirements, we can arrange to have sorting done overseas or domestically. ⚙ Roll Sort ⚙ Laser Sort ⚙ Optical Sort

Stock & Release Programs

This program is available to qualified customers. By utilizing our warehouse space, we can help you improve your cash flow and give you peace of mind.

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